What is Winlink?

A brief description

Winlink, actually Winlink Express but for brevity I will refer to it as simply Winlink, is an e-mail client that has the capability to connect over radio waves. It can use HF, VHF, UHF, or simply connect to the internet if you have that available. It allows users to send e-mails back and forth, and for forms to be sent quickly and efficiently. It is very similar to Fldigi except that Winlink can connect directly to the internet. Many of our served agencies will expect us to be fluent in the use of Winlink.

What hardware do I need for Winlink

Simply a computer and either an internet connection or a radio with a signalink device.

What software do I need

All of that can be found on the Winlink software page.

How do I create my account

The easiest way is using Winlink over the internet.

Download and install the Winlink Express software.
Open the program and go to “Settings” then “Winlink Express Setup”
Fill out all of the information EXCEPT the password.
- Callsign
- Password recovery e-mail
- Grid square
Click on “Update”
Wait 2 minutes and then check the e-mail that you put in for the password.
Follow the steps and you are done.

***Note: your winlink e-mail will be deleted after six months of non-use. Be sure to log in occasionally.

This will get you started, more to follow

If you hit a wall feel free to contact me at k6ogr@winlink.org.