EC Report for March 2019


The schedule for the month of March, 2019, was 1 Monthly F.C. EmComm Meeting, 4 Monday Night Nets, 2 Message Handling Practices, 1 EmComm & Coffee, and 1 Public Service Event.

ARES Traffic Practice

Fresno ARES/RACES is conducting an on-the-air Traffic Handling practice twice a month after our regular Monday night EmComm Nets. Brian has been sending a message using the ARRL Message Form. After the practice the copied message was emailed to Brian to check accuracy and log your time on ARES Connect.

The practice will continue after the nets so join us and have some fun.

EmComm Website

We are now posting events and meetings on the calendar as well as posting articles on the home page. There is a lot of new information and links added to the site as well thanks to our Webmaster Brian (K6OGR). Check us out at

FC EmComm Website Report

Here are the website, Facebook, and ARES Connect reports for March.



116 visits288page views

- 87 direct visits

- 19 redirects from successful search returns

- 5 redirects from social media

Additional Documents

Top 5 most visited pages:


ARES Training

Additional Documents

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Meetings and Nets


Facebook page:

0 Page views

0 Page previews

31 People reached

13 Post engagements


ARES Connect:

New members: 1

Net participation:

- Winlink Check in

-- 6 Average participants

-- 7 Peak participants

- Weekly net

-- 17 Average participants

-- 18 Peak participants

- Message copy practice

-- 9 Average participants

-- 10 Peak participants


- 112 participants

- 43.5 hours

- Training participation

2/10/2019 2:00pm Fresno new Ham workshop 6

2/28/2019 7:00pm Fresno EmComm Monthly Training Meeting 11

//K6OGR - Brian

FC EmComm FB Page

We have a Fresno County EmComm presence on Facebook. There you can find posts related to local events and emergencies. To access it, search for on Facebook, or you can click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the web site at It is just a page so there is no membership to join. To keep up to date you just need to like and follow.

Upcoming Emcomm Service Events

As you know we assist CARP with their Public Service Events and use them as a training venue. We have two coming up in April (April 6 – California Classic Bicycle Ride and Hinds Hospice Angel Babies Walk on the 13th). Please consider helping with these events, they are not only a great training venue but a lot of fun. After you sign up, please go to ARES Connect and check the events on the calendar so you will get your time logged onto ARES Connect when you participate. We hope you take these opportunities to tune your traffic handling skills as well as having a great time.

CARP just announced the new calendar for the 2019 events we will be assisting them with. It will be uploaded onto our website.


April 6, 2019 – California Classic Bicycle Ride – Sign up

April 13, 2019 – Hinds Hospice Angel Babies Walk

May 4, 2019 – FCC Kirch Flat Bicycle Ride – Sign up

June 22, 2019 – FCC Climb to Kaiser Bicycle Ride – Sign up

September xx, 2019 – Tour de Fresno Bicycle Ride

October 5, 2019 – North Fork Grizzly Century (not confirmed)

October 12, 2019 – FCC Bass Lake Double Century Bicycle Ride – Sign up

November xx, 2019 – FCC Raymond Gravel Grinder Ride ¬- If you are interested and want to sign up for one or more events please go to the CARP Website ( and go to their sign up link.

New Digital Mode

I received the following information via email from Grady Williams (K6IXA) that he sent to the members of the W6BXN Repeater Group and the Atwater Amateur Radio Club. He describes the mode way better than I ever would be able to so I will pass it on.

Sound Card Modems

In the past few years there has been an increased interest especially in the ARES, RACES Emcomm community in the implementation of various means of data transmission utilizing the new technology in and around sound card Modems.. All of the smarts is in computer software instead of a hardware modem to process the data... Various hardware modems vary from $150 on the low end packet modem up to $1800 for the SCS P4 Dragon DR-7800... The DR-7800 is still the BEST most reliable in weak signal device out there but as you can see it comes with a price...However variants of virtual (lives in computer software) modems are beginning to rival the DR-7800 when cost is considered...

For the most part sound card modem technology began with the development of PSK-31 and took off from there like wild fire even to encompass and replace our beloved thousand pound accumulation of Teletype Equipment not to mention FLDIGI and all of its variants....

Currently Amateurs, Government, Em-comm, NGO organizations are ALL embracing the Winlink System for the conveyance of information in a radio email system compatible with the existing internet concept... With all of this new sound card based communications technology a reliable interface between the users computer and radio becomes essential...

Any of these computer based digital communication programs can interface the computer and radio utilizing the existing computer internal sound card using the mic and earphone jack... However isolation in the form or a transformer is desirable. In addition levels set for communication needs become subject to changing from a preset level when computer is used by Skype and other voice utilized programs... Consequently a stand-alone external sound card device with manual control knobs becomes very desirable in that it can be manipulated irrespective of the computers internal sound card needs...

The External Sound Card device recommended by most program developers is the TigerTronics Signalink USB... External transmit and receive level pots set your desired levels... Also there is a vox keying circuit in that some programs do NOT provide keying circuit via a serial port. This device will work with ALL sound card programs, providing correct levels, equipment isolation avoiding ground loop distortion and appropriate vox keying where needed... There are less expensive devices but not sure they are of the same quality, have vox keying and have the flexibility of connectivity for all of the amateur radio equipment out there...

The Winlink System as previously now offers a plethora of digital modes to connect to the system with... On HF, you have Winmore, Ardop and Iridium all available with the sound card interface.. With utilization of virtual (software) modems such as direwolf you can operate packet in it's various formats on VHF and UHF... The latest BIG addition the the technology is VARA FM developed by EA5HVK Jose in Spain... Allows packet operation without a hardware modem at about 10 times the thru-put of conventional packet. NOTE: Basic Vara HF and FM comes with a slower thru-put... Jose gets $65 to license an installation keyed to your call-sign and suffixes, -10, -11 etc... With this upgrade the data thru-put really smokes and NO expensive modem...

Time to cut to the chase... I am prepared as soon as time and finances permit to equip my existing pactor and packet nodes with the capability of utilizing these new digital modes on the same equipment and frequencies... With VARA FM you can utilize existing K6IXA vhf gateways with packet or vara fm... My existing Pactor 1,2 &3 Gateways on 20, 30 & 40 meters will also offer the connect option of VARA, ARDOP & WINMORE... The Winlink Express program that supports all of these modes, has a pull-down menu with all of the station gateways supporting the various modes... Click on that station, the frequency is changed in the radio, antenna tuned and you are ready to hit the start button. Winlink Express also contains all of the templates currently in use in the Em-Comm community... Using a commonly used template allows you to place data in the various fields. When the message is transmitted only the data is transmitted and then re inserted in the form at the other end for distribution or printing,,,

ARES and Relevant Threats - Atmospheric River Storm"

In 1861 and '62, an unprecedented storm struck California, flooding a vast portion of the state in up to ten feet of water. This storm was the result of an "atmospheric river", and it is not a freak event, but rather six similar storms have been identified in the geologic record for California. This is California's other "Big One", besides an earthquake. The relevance to ARES, here in the Central Valley, is that some kind of significant flooding event is actually more likely for us, then the immediate effects of an earthquake. We've talked many times about mutual aid and assistance to other ARES groups, responding to an earthquake on the coast. However, significant flooding is a real and potential risk to all of us in the Central Valley.

The link accompanying this short article is to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) ARkStorm Scenario summary. I highly recommend we all at least read the summary, and begin considering how we can integrate that into our awareness and response planning."




We Need Your Input!

We have started our Steering Committee up again. We are looking for ideas for projects, training events, etc. that would promote interest and participation of our members. If you have any ideas, please email me. We will do our best to make this a more interesting, efficient, and enjoyable organization.

EmComm Meeting

Agenda for March 28, 2019

Pledge of Allegiance


Old business

1. SATERN Update – Dan, AE6X

2. Monday Night EmComm Net– Gary, KI6OYW

3. ARES Connect

4. Message Handling Practice

5. Old business: none on docket

New business

Training Agenda:

Next steps in Winlink – Brian (K6OGR)

New business


EmComm meeting place: Hinds Hospice Building at 2490 W. Shaw Ave. Fresno. The time is 19:00 hr. please arrive a little early for we have to be escorted in for this is a secured building.

Net Control Staff Needed

We are looking for volunteers to take a turn as net control on Monday nights. This is not a difficult task. We will provide the preamble and net roster. This is a great way to enhance your skills running a net for emergency situations. If you are interested, please contact Gary (KI6OYW) at 559-269-1340 or email

Our Calendar

Don’t forget the Monday Night EmComm Net at 19:30 hr. on the 147.15 MHz Pl 141.3. We have some good information and camaraderie. On the third Friday of the month there is the EmComm & Coffee located at Denny’s, 39 W. Herndon Ave (North East corner of Blackstone and Herndon) 07:00hr. And last but not least the EmComm Meetings are held on the Fourth Thursday of month. Our next meeting will be March 28, 2019 at 1900 hr. at the Hinds Hospice Building, 2490 W. Shaw Fresno.

Best of 73’s


Fresno County ARES EC/ RACES Officer