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Fresno ARES Weekly Net

A joint weekly net is held every Monday night at 19:30 hours on the N6HEW Repeater.
147.15 (+) PL of 141.3

Please use ARES connect to register for the net.

There will be an exercise this net. The exercise will be to test our off-grid capabilities. There will be a simulated power failure requiring all operators to go to battery power.

Use the time up to this net to test your equipment and get it set up to quickly switch.

Possible solutions:
- Battery power (build or buy)
- Connect a HT to your external antenna (best to buy an adapter instead of trying to build one)

We also accept check-ins via winlink at You can check in at any time on the day of the net (0001-2359 local). Please only send from winlink express either through telnet or a gateway. There is a form that can be found here.

This gives members practice in using winlink express and practice makes better.

Any questions please contact me: