American Red Cross Abbreviations and Acronyms

AABB. American Association of Blood Banks

AAR. After Action Report

ABC. Airway, Breathing, and Circulation; American

Baptist Churches; America’s Blood Centers

ACFASP. Advisory Council on First Aid, Aquatics, Safety and Preparedness

ACFS. Annual Chapter Financial Statement

ACQ. Acquisition

ACS. Alternate Care Site; Adventist Community Services

ACT. Assertive Community Treatment Teams

ADA. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

ADD. Attention-deficit Disorder

ADGP. Annual Disaster Giving Program

ADHD. Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

ADL. Activities of Daily Living; Advanced Distributed Learning

ADS. Archival Document System

ADU. Automated Data Upload

AED. Automated External Defibrillator

AFES. Armed Forces Emergency Services

AIRS. Alliance of Information and Referral Systems, 211

ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

AMURT. Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team

ANCC. American Nurses Credentialing Center

APAT. Advance Public Affairs Team

APHIS. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

ARC. American Red Cross

ARCVLSC. American Red Cross Volunteer Life Saving Corps

ARC1. Legal pad; a substitute for any form

ARC1295. Service to the Armed Forces Manual

ARC3079-1. Mass Casualty Disasters Fact Sheet

ARC4496. Standards for Selecting Hurricane Evacuation Shelters

ARES. Amateur Radio Emergency Services

ARF. Action Request Form

ARI. Acute Respiratory Infection

ARRL. American Radio Relay League

ASL. American Sign Language

ATA. Actual Time of Arrival

ATD. Actual Time of Departure

ATLAS. Alliance for Technology Linking All Services

ATO. Additional Time Off

AWB. Air Way Bill

BAT. Basic Aid Training

BBP. Bloodborne Pathogen

BCC. Behavior Change Communications

BCLC. Business Civic Leadership Center

BDC. Blood Drive Coordinator

BDSU. Bulk Distribution Support Unit

BHQ. Biomedical Services Headquarters

BOG. Board of Governors

BOO. Base of Operations

BPO. Blanket Purchase Order

BPS. Best Practices System

BRCR. Be Red Cross Ready

BRE. Business Reply Envelope

BRL. Biomedical Regulatory Hotline

BRM. Business Reply Mail

BSD. Blood Services Directive

BSI. Body Substance Isolation

BSOC. Biomedical Service Operations Center

BVM. Bag-valve Mask Resuscitator

CAC. Client Assistance Card

CAM. Cost Analysis Model.

CAN. Coordinated Assistance Network

CAPPS. Customers and Partners Survey System

CART. Communication Access Real-time Translation

CAS. Client Assistance System

CBC. Community Blood Center

CBFCU. Clara Barton Federal Credit Union

CBO. Community Based Organization; Chapter Board Orientation

CBRNE. Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or Explosive

CBS. Choice-Based Services

CBW. Chemical and Biological Warfare

CCE. Community Chapter Executive

CCI. Chapter Chair Institute

CCL. Concern Connection Line

CDAP. Chapter Donor Acquisition Program

CDC. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDE. Community Disaster Education

CDM. Chapter Upload Process

CDO. Chapter Development Officer

CDR. Christian Disaster Response

CDRA. Chapter Disaster Readiness Assessment

CDRC. Conference Disaster Response Coordinator

CDRM. Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management

CDRP. Consolidated Direct Response Program

CDS. Children’s Disaster Response

CDT. Central Daylight Time

CDV. Coordinator of Disaster Volunteers

CEESD. Collaborating to Ensure Effective Service Delivery

CEI. Chapter Executive Institute

CEMA. Chatham Emergency Management Agency

CEMP. Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

CER. Claim Experience Report

CERT. Community Emergency Response Team

CFC. Combined Federal Campaign

CFR. Case-Fatality Rates

CFS. Consolidated Financial System

CHE. Complex Humanitarian Emergency

CHERS. Chapter Enrollment Reporting System;

Chapter Environment Resources System

CHW. Community Health Worker

CIB. Chapter Information Bulletin

CIIPA. Confidential Information and Intellectual Property Agreement

CLC. Creating Leadership Connections; Corporate Lodging Card

CLS. Individual Client Services

CMS. Consumable Medical Supplies; Content Management System

CNCS. Corporation for National and Community Service

COB. Close of business; Church of the Brethren

COBRA. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

COE. Centers of Expertise

COOP. Continuity of Operations Plan

COP. Common Operating Picture

COPD. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

CPR. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

CPS. Community Partnerships; Chapter Performance Standards

CRB. Creative Review Board

CRM. Customer Relationship Management

CRT. Critical Response Team

CRV. Communication Response Vehicle

CRWRC. Christian Reformed World Relief Committee

CSDU. Certified Servicxe Delivery Unit

CTRD. Cost To Raise a Dollar

CWS. Church World Service

CWT. Carlson Wagonlit Travel

DAC. Disaster Application Center

DAM. Digital Asset Manager

DART. Disaster Assistance Response Team

DAT. Disaster Action Team

DDA. Detailed Damage Assessment

DDCOE. Donor Database Centers of Expertise

DDD. Division Disaster Director

DDE. Division Disaster Executive

DDO. Disaster Duty Officer

DDRO. Director of Disaster Relief Operation

DDS. Document Distribution System

DDSRD. Division Disaster State Relations Director

DDT. Division Disaster Team

DFC. Disaster Field Chapter

DFO. Disaster Field Office

DFRAP. Disaster Fundraising Action Plan

DFSC. Disaster Field Supply Center

DFVP. Divisional Fundraising Vice President

D-GRAM. Emergency Direct Mail Piece

DHS. Disaster Health Service; Department of Homeland Security

digiDOC. Digital Operations Center

DIR. Director

DIST. Disaster Instructor Specialty Training

DLC. Disaster Logistics Center

DLTA. Discretionary Long Term Allocation

DMAT. Disaster Medical Assistance Teams

DMC. Disaster Computer Maintenance Center

DME. Durable Medical Equipment

DMHS. Disaster Mental Health Services

DMT. Disaster Management Training

DOB. Duplication of Benefits; Date of Birth

DOC. Disaster Operations Center

DOCC. Disaster Operations Coordination Center

DOD. Disaster Only Donor

DOIS. Disaster Operation Information Sheet

DOOR. Disaster Operations Open Requests (“The Grid”)

DPA. Disaster Public Affairs

DRC. Disaster Recovery Center

DRF. Disaster Relief Fund

DRG. Disaster Relocation Group

DRM. Donor Relationship Management

DRMS. Disaster Resource Management System

DRO. Disaster Relief Operation

DROMIS. Disaster Relief Operation Management Information System

DRP. Disaster Response Plan

DSARS. Disaster Services Automated Reporting System

DSHR. Disaster Services Human Resources System

DSO. Disaster Services Overview

DST. Disaster Services Technology

DTT. Disaster Technology Team

DVP. Division Vice President

DWI. Disaster Welfare Inquiry; Driving While Intoxicated

DWIB. Disaster Welfare Inquiry Bulletin

EAS. Emergency Alert System; Emergency Aid Station

eBDR. Electronic Blood Donation Record

EBS. Emergency Broadcast System

ECC. Emergency Cardiovascular Care

ECM. Emergency Communication Message

EDDR. Electronic Donor Distribution Report

EDT. Eastern Daylight Time

EECI. Essential Elements of Critical Information

EEI. Essential Elements of Information

EHL. Exploring Humanitarian Law

EHS. Extremely Hazardous Substance

EIA. Exercise-induced Asthma

EMAC. Emergency Management Assistance Compact

EMR. Experience Modifier Rate; Electronic Medical Record

EMS. Emergency Medical Services

EOC. Emergency Operations Center

EOP. Emergency Operations Plan

EPAP. Emergency Prescription Assistance Program

EPAT. Earliest Possible Arrival Time

ERS. Emergency Relocation Site

ERT. Emergency Response Team

ERT-A. Emergency Response Team–Advanced

ERV. Emergency Response Vehicle

ESA. Environmental Site Assessment

ESC. Executive Steering Committee

ESF. Emergency Support Function

ESP. Email Service Provider

EST. Emergency Support Team; Eastern Standard Time

ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival

ETD. Estimated Time of Departure

ETE. Estimated Time En Route

EUS. End User Support

EWS. Early Warning System

FAC. Facilities Management; Family Assistance Center

FACT. First Aid for Children Today; Field Assessment and Coordination Teams

FANS. Functional and Access Needs in Shelters

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

FAST. Field Assessment Team; First Action Station Team; Face, Arms, Speech, Time

FBCO. Faith-based and Community Organizations

FCC. Functional Cost Codes; Functional Cost Center

FCFS. First Come, First Served

FCO. Federal Coordinating Officer

FDA. Food and Drug Administration

FDS. Friends Disaster Service

FEFO. First Expiry, First Out

FEMA. Federal Emergency Management Agency

FFRC. Friends and Family Reception Center

FFW. Food for Work

FHA. Fair Housing Act

FIF. Fundamentals of Instruction and Facilitation

FIFO. First in, first out

FIN. Finance

FIPS. Federal Information Processing Standards

FIRM. Flood Insurance Rate Map

FIRST. Frontline Immediate Response Shelter Team

FIT. Fundamentals of Instructor Training

FMD. Field Marketing Directions

FMPP. Financial Manual of Policy and Procedures

FNS. Functional Needs Shelter

FNSS. Functional Needs Support Services

FOCIS. Field Operations Consolidated Information System

WTAF. Wire Transfer / ACH Authorization

FOUO. For Official Use Only

FRN-OCRA. Funds Raised for National Online Chapter Reporting Application

FROST. Field Remote Operations Support Team

FSI. Financial and Statistical Information Management

FTE. Full Time Equivalent

FTP. File Transfer Protocol

FURP. Field Unit Reporting Portal

GADL. Georgia Driver’s License

GAP. Group/Activity/Position

GEMA. Georgia Emergency Management Agency

GETS. Government Emergency Telecommunications Service

GFS. Global Forecasting System

GIS. Geographic Information System Maps

GMT. Greenwich Mean Time

GNIS. Geographic Names Information System

GOV. Government

GSD. General Services Division

HAINES. High Arm IN Endangered Spine

HAZMAT. Hazardous Materials

HAV. Hepatitis A Virus

HBV. Hepatitis B Virus

HCV. Hepatitis C Virus

HEICS. Emergency Incident Command System

HES. Hurricane Evaluation Study

HHS. Health and Human Services

HIPAA. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIT. Health Information Team

HIV. Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HRP. Hurricane Recovery Program

HRPPM. Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual

HSIN. Homeland Security Information Network

HSO. Humanitarian Services Operations

HSOC. Homeland Security Operations Center

HSPMO. Humanitarian Services Program Management Office

HSRW. Health Services Response Workshop

HSS. Health and Safety Services

HSSAT. Health and Safety Services Administrator Training

HVAC. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

IAA. Inter Agency Agreement

IAEM. International Association of Emergency Managers

IAJVS. International Association of Jewish Vocational Services

IAP. Incident Action Plan; Individual Assistance Provider

ICD. International Classification of Diseases

ICE. Investigations, Compliance and Ethics

ICP. Incident Command Post

ICP2. Indicators of Chapter Performance and Potential

ICRC. International Committee of the Red Cross

ICS. Incident Command System; Invoice Conversion Services

ICU. Intensive Care Unit

ICVA. International Council of Voluntary Agencies

IDA. Individual Damage Assessment

IDLH. Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health

IDP. Internally Displaced Person; Individual Development Plan

IDU. Intravenous Drug User

IDWI. International Disaster Welfare Inquiry

IEMS. Integrated Emergency Management System

IFRC. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

IGO. Inter-Governmental Organization

IHL. International Humanitarian Law

IKD. In-Kind Donations

ILT. Instructor-led Training

IMOIHO. In Memory Of / In Honor Of

IMS. Information Management Support Services

INV. Invoice

IRFF. International Relief Friendship Foundation

IRL Immunohematology Reference Laboratory

IRUSA. Islamic Relief USA

JFO. Joint Field Office

JFSOC. Joint Family Support Operations Center

JIC. Joint Information Center

JOC. Joint Operations Center

KAP. Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice

LCR. Community Relations Liaison

LCV. Local Community Volunteers

LDR. Lutheran Disaster Response

LDS. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

LDV. Local Disaster Volunteer

LEP. Limited English Proficiency

LEPC. Local Emergency Planning Committee

LFA. Lead Federal Agency

LIFO. Last in, first out

LIRV. Logistics Initial Response Vehicle

LLV. Landlord Verification

LMS. Learning Management System

LOA. Letter of Agreement

LOC. Level of Consciousness

LOG. Logistics

LOP. Local Operating Procedures

LSAP. Life, Safety and Asset Protection

LTP. Licensed Training Provider

LTRC. Long Term Recovery Committee

LVA. Voluntary Agencies Liaison

M&E. Monitoring and Evaluation

MAC. Mission Assignment Coordinator

MACAT. Mass Care Administration Support

MAP. Merit Award Process

MAPP. Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures

MARC. Multi-Agency Response Center

MARS. Motivation, Association, Repetition, and Use of the Senses

MASRU. Military Aid Society Referral Unit

MCI. Mass Casualty Incident

MCM. Mass Casualty Management

MDA. Maximum Daily Allowance; Magen David Adom

MDS. Mennonite Disaster Service

MHS. Mental Health Services

MMI. Meals, Mileage and Incidentals

MOU. Memorandum of Understanding

MRE. Meal Ready to Eat

MSS. Material Support Services (Logistics)

MTF. More to Follow

NAB. National Association of Broadcasters

NAC. Neighborhood Assistance Center, NEHC

NAN. National Account Network

NAT. Nurse Assistant Training; Nucleic Acid Testing

NAWAS. National Warning System

NCCC. National Civilian Community Corps

NCIB. National Charities Info Bureau

NCOA. National Change of Address

NCP. National Contingency Plan

NCPP. National Center for Disaster Preparedness

NDMS. National Disaster Medical System

NDRP. National Disaster Reimbursement Program

NEHC. Neighborhood Emergency Help Center, NAC

NEMA. National Emergency Managers Association

NERT. National Emergency Response Team

NEVO. New Employee and Volunteer Orientation

NFO. National Fleet Operation

NGHA. Non-Governmental Humanitarian Agency

NGO. Non-Governmental Organization

NHS. National Hurricane Center

NHQ. National Headquarters

NIMS. National Incident Management System

NNC. National Nursing Committee

NOAA. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

NPM. National Preparedness Month

NPRC. AmeriCorps National Preparedness & Response Corps.

NRF. National Response Framework

NRP. National Response Plan

NSC. National Safety Council

NSS. National Shelter System

NSSE. National Special Security Event

NTL. National Testing Laboratory

NVOAD. National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

NWS. National Weather Service

OCD. Obsessive-compulsive Disorder

ODM. Operations Data Management

OES. Office of Emergency Services

OGC. Office of General Counsel

OJT. On the Job Training

ONCOV. Office of the National Chair of Volunteers

ORB. Online Resource Book

OSC. On-Scene Coordinator

OSE. Outside Envelope

OSG. Office of General Counsel

ORB. Online Resource Book

OSHA. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

P902A. All Disaster Help Is Free

P926. Sign Strips

P928. Disaster Relief With Blank Block

P949. Utility Pole ID

P950. Disaster Directional Arrows

PAS. Personal Assistive Services

PCT. Patient Care Technician

PDA. Preliminary Damage Assessment

PDP. Performance Development Process; Personal

Development Plan

PEER CADRE. Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response / Community Action for Disaster Response

PFA. Psychological First Aid

PFD. Personal Flotation Device

PHAST. Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation

PHC. Primary Health Care

PHH. Fleet Management Credit Card

PHN. Public Health Nurse

PHSS. Preparedness, Health and Safety Services

PIO. Public Information Officer

PKEMRA. Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act

PLHIV. People Living With HIV

PMP. Prevention, Mitigation, and Preparedness

POC. Point of Contact

POD. Point of Distribution; Point of Dispensing

POV. Privately Owned Vehicle

PPE. Personal Protective Equipment

PRO. Procurement

PRSA. Public Relations Society of America

PSA. Public Service Advertising; Public Service Announcement

PSC. Program Service Code

PSTN. Public Switched Telephone Network

PTOC. Part Time on Call

P2P. Procure-To-Pay

PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

QARA. Quality Assurance / Regulatory Affairs

QRG. Quick Reference Guide

QRM. Quick Reference Manual

QRT. Quick Response Team

RACES. Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services

RAE/CRE. Reply Envelope

RAP. Rapid Assessment Process

RCB. Release Control Board

RCCO. Red Cross Coordinating Officer

RCE. Regional Chapter Executive

RCM. RT Communications

RCO. RT Computer Operations;

RC/RC. Red Cross / Red Crescent

RCS. RT Customer Service

RDC. Remote Chapter Executive; Remote Deposit Capture

RDPO. Regional Chief Disaster Program Officer

REACT. Radio Emergency Associated Communications Team

REAP. Real Estate Approval Process

RED. Retain Episodic Donors

REFAM. Real Estate and Fixed Asset Management

RFP. Request for Proposal

RHA. Rapid Health Assessment

RID. Recognize, Intrusion, Distraction

ROC. Regional Operations Center

RPA. Response, Planning and Assistance

RRCC. Regional Response Coordination Center

RRT. Rapid Response Team

RWI. Recreational Water Illnesses

RWTC. Ready When the Time Comes

SABA. Learning Management System (LMS)

SAF. Services to the Armed Forces

SAR. Search and Rescue

SARC. Syrian Arab Red Cross

SAS. Shared Administrative Services

SBC. Southern Baptist Convention

SBDR. Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

SCA. Sudden Cardiac Arrest

SCC. State Coordinating Chapter

SCI. Spinal Cord Injuries

SCORM. Sharable Content Object Reference Model

SCREM. Supply Chain and Real Estate Management

SCU. Self-contained Unit

SDA. Service Delivery Area; Seventh Day Adventist

SDP. Service Delivery Plan

SD21. Service Delivery for the Twenty-first Century

SERV. Supply Emergency Response Vehicle

SFD. Single Family Dwelling

SFI. Strategic Fundraising Initiative

SIP. Select Investment Program

SLOSH. Sea, Lake, and Overland Surges for Hurricanes

SME. Subject Matter Expert

SMI. Serious Mental Illness

SOAP. Strategic Opportunity Assessment Project;

Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan

SOP. Standard Operating Procedure

SORCE. Select One Red Cross Endowment Fund

SOU. Statement of Understanding

SOX. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

SPD. Summary Plan Description

SPLASH. Special Program to List Amplitudes of Surges From Hurricanes

SPS. Staff Planning and Support

SRE. Stamped Reply Envelope

SRP. September 11 Recovery Program

SRT. Spiritual Care Response Team

SRV. Supply Emergency Response Vehicle

SSC. Shared Services Center

SSDA. State Service Delivery Area (“Gap Area”)

SSI. School Safety Initiative

SST. Sport Safety Training

STA. Standardized Assistance

STAART. Strategy Through Applied Analytics and Research

SUP. Supply, Supervisor, Staff Health Services, Staff Wellness

SWIFT. Safe and Well Information Field Team

SWL. Safe and Well Linking

TARF. Triage and Referral Center

T&M. Travel and Maintenance

TBA. To Be Announced

TBD. To Be Determined

TBI. Traumatic Brain Injury

TDD. Telecommunication Device for the Deaf

3CS. Call Contact Capture System

TLD. Training and Leadership Development

TMI. Too Much Information

TPFDL. Time-Based Field Deployment List

TRA. Transportation Management

TRN. Training

TRP. Tsunami Recovery Program

TSA. The Salvation Army; Transportation Safety Administration

TSP. Telecommunications Service Priority

TSS. Transaction Support Specialist

TTY. Teletypewriter

TTYS. Teletypewriter Service

TWP. Together We Prepare

UAC. Unaccompanied Children

UCC. United Church of Christ

UCF. Universal Communications Format

UFN. Until Further Notice

UFR. Un-Funded Requirement

U/LES. Unclassified/Law Enforcement Sensitive

UMCOR. United Methodist Committee on Relief

UMVIM. United Methodist Volunteers in Mission

UOM. Unit of Measure

USAR. Urban Search and Rescue

USG. United States Government

USP. United States Pharmacopeia

UTC. Coordinated Universal Time

VAI. Volunteer Administrative Institute

VAL. Voluntary Agency Liaison

VAVS. Veterans Affairs Volunteer Services

V-FIB. Ventricular Fibrillation

VIN. Vehicle Identification Number

VISTA. Volunteers in Service to America

VITA. Volunteers in Technical Assistance

VMS. Volunteer Management System

VOA. Volunteers of America

VOAD. Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

VOL. Volunteer Staff

VOLAG. Volunteer Organization Liaison Agency

V-TACH. Ventricular Tachycardia

WBT. Web-based Training

WHS. Warehousing and Supply

WIB. Welfare Information Bulletin

WIC. Worker-in-Charge; Women, Infants, and Children

WMD. Weapons of Mass Destruction

WMT. Weapons of Mass Terrorism

WONIG. Where Our Need Is Greatest

WPA. Workforce Planning and Acquisition

WSI. Water Safety Instructor

WYMK. What You Must Know

YPM. Yield Per Thousand

(AAQR), rev. 9/17/13