ARES EC Publication August 2017

EC Report for August  2017

Hi All,

The schedule for the month of August is always a slow: 4 Monday Night EmComm Nets and 1 EmComm and Coffee and 1 EmComm Monthly Meeting.

Uniform DC Power Connectors

At last month’s FC EmComm Meeting Chris (KJ6OUG) held a training session on Anderson Power Poles. It was decided to adopt these connectors as out standard connector for the group. Yes they are a little expensive but not bad. These connectors are great in our opinion and are simple to install with the crimping tool. They come in three amperage ratings that would pertain to amateur radio use, 15, 30 and 45 amp. At the meeting we discussed having several training sessions where we would build adapters. If these units are used, people who would not want to change their whole station over to power poles could comply with the rest of the group.

Anderson Power Poles also carries devices that allow you to make great emergency battery boxes. These consist of cigar lighter outlets, volt/amp meters, Power Pole outlets, switches and many other items.

We will be discussing these thoughts at the next meeting so be sure to attend.


August EmComm Meeting (What you missed)

The meeting was very interesting; we discussed several topics that will affect us all.

  • Ranking of ARES operators through education and experience
  • Mandatory classes and certification
  • Standard frequency list to be the first 20 channels on your handheld and Mobil
  • FC ARES Skills Inventory

These subjects will continue to be discussed at future meetings and nets. The updating or our ARES Group should make us more professional in the eyes of our served agencies as well as other ARES Groups.


Public Service Calendar

Upcoming EMCOMM Events

  • September 16, 2017 – Tour de Fresno Bicycle Ride
  • October 14, 2017 – Bass Lake Double Century Bicycle Ride


If you are interested in the working any of the events please either go to the CARP website or contact me.


EmComm Website

We are now posting events and meetings on the calendar as well as posting articles on the home page. Check us out at


Net Control Staff Needed

We are looking for volunteers to take a turn as net control on Monday nights. This is not a difficult task. We will provide the preamble and net roster. This is a great way to enhance your skills running a net for emergency situations. If you are interested, please contact Gary (KI6OYW) at 559-269-1340 or email


Our Calendar

Don’t forget the Monday Night EmComm Net at 19:30 hr. on the 147.15 MHz Pl 141.3. We have some good information and camaraderie. On the third Friday of the month there is the EmComm & Coffee at YFC on Cedar south of Ashlan in Granite Park at 07:00hr. And last but not least the EmComm Meetings are held on the Fourth Thursday of month. Our next meeting will be September 28 , 2017 at 1900 hr. at the Hinds Hospice Building, 2490 W. Shaw Fresno.


Best of 73’s


Fresno County ARES EC/ RACES Officer