ARES EC Publication April 2017

EC Report for April  2017

Hi All,

The schedule for the month of April was: 4 Monday Night EmComm Nets and 1 EmComm and Coffee, 1 EmComm Monthly Meeting, 1 radio workshop and 2 public service events.

Radio Workshop?

At April’s Radio Workshop we had one of our lightest turnouts; we had a total of five members in attendance. The problem was all who attended were our seasoned members. The Workshop was designed to help our new hams with any difficulties or questions they had with their new hobby. I would like to get some feedback, do you think that we should have the workshops every month or bimonthly, quarterly or not at all. Please email me and let me know. I don’t want to continue something that the group doesn’t want. This is your organization not just mine or the officers.

Public Service Calendar

Upcoming EMCOMM Events

  • April 29, 2017 – March of Dimes
  • May 6, 2017 – Kirch Flat Bicycle Ride
  • June 24, 2017 – Climb to Kaiser Bicycle Ride
  • September 16, 2017 – Tour de Fresno Bicycle Ride
  • October 14, 2017 – Bass Lake Double Century Bicycle Ride

If you are interested in the working any of the events please either go to the CARP website or contact me.

 Just A Reminder

Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Training Course – Dr. John A. Allocca, WB2LUA

Principles of Disaster Communication

􀁺 Keep the non-critical communications level down.

􀁺 If you’re not sure you should transmit, don’t.

􀁺 Study the situation by listening.

􀁺 Don’t transmit unless you are sure you can help by doing so.

􀁺 Don’t ever break into a disaster net just to inform the control station you are there if needed.

􀁺 Monitor established disaster frequencies.

􀁺 On CW, SOS is universally recognized.

􀁺 On voice, “MAYDAY” or “EMERGENCY” is universally recognized.

􀁺 Avoid spreading rumors.

􀁺 Authenticate all messages.

􀁺 Strive for efficiency.

􀁺 Select the mode and band to suit the need.


Message Handling

  1. Speak in plain language.
  2. Speak slowly and clearly.
  3. Remain calm at all times.
  4. If you have an emergency message, state the word “emergency” followed by your call sign.
  5. If you have a priority message, state the word “priority” followed by your call sign.

Emergency – any message having life and death urgency to any person or group of persons.

Priority – any important message that has a specific time limit.

Welfare – can be either an inquiry as to the health and welfare of an individual in the disaster

area, or an advisory from the disaster area that indicates all is well.

Routine – Most traffic will be routine in nature. In a disaster situation, routine messages should be handled last.


EmComm Website

We are now posting events and meetings on the calendar as well as posting articles on the home page. Check us out at

Net Control Staff Needed

We are looking for volunteers to take a turn as net control on Monday nights. This is not a difficult task. We will provide the preamble and net roster. This is a great way to enhance your skills running a net for emergency situations. If you are interested, please contact Gary (KI6OYW) at 559-269-1340 or email

Our Calendar

Don’t forget the Monday Night EmComm Net at 19:30 hr. on the 147.15 MHz Pl 141.3. We have some good information and camaraderie. On the third Friday of the month there is the EmComm & Coffee at YFC on Cedar south of Ashlan in Granite Park at 07:00hr. And last but not least the EmComm Meetings are held on the Fourth Thursday of month. Our next meeting will be May 25, 2017 at 1900 hr. at the Salvation Army Citadel at 1854 Fulton St., Fresno


Best of 73’s


Fresno County RACES Officer

Fresno County ARES EC