ARES EC’s Publication for July 2016



EC Report for July 2016

Hi All,The schedule for the month of June: 4 Monday Night EmComm Nets, 1 EmComm meeting, 1 EmComm and Coffee.

Local QST Article

As most of you know Greg Waters (KJ6OUI) has been active with the FAME Group educating people to become new Hams. He is also a four wheel drive enthusiast with the off-road clubs. He has been encouraging the four-wheelers to become interested in Amateur Radio as a tool to use on their outings. He demonstrated how vhf and uhf could give them better coverage than using CB only; giving them a greater chance of receiving help if someone breaks down or gets injured on a run.

Greg has written an article showing how he and the rest of the FAME group sparked interest and licensed the four-wheelers. Greg has submitted the article to the ARRL and it was accepted and will be featured in the September issue. It is a great story, be sure and read it when it comes out.

NTEMC September 2016

I received the following letter from Hal about the National Tribal Emergency Management Council gathering in September. He has requested our help so I will be looking for volunteers.

Hi all~

I hope that all plans for Field Day 2016 are going well. As was stated in my opening email, I have been asked to put together some Amateur Radio resources for the NTEMC event September 19th through 23rd in Lemoore. I have decided to make this an ARES exercise due to the scope of involvement. It’s more than one person can handle and requires networking of several groups. You’re receiving this message because I have identified you as a potential officer or functional lead.


NTEMC has involved Hams since 2014. The conference  (National Tribal Emergency Management Council) brings together 300-650+ tribes throughout upper North America. Each tribe/nation has direct access to the White House. This can make for a very strong lobby and policy coalition. In 2014, a Technician class and exam session was offered  before the conference,  much like what occurs during SAR City training. The licensing issue was just the tip of the iceberg. As you can see it has been written up in QST. (See links in request attachment)

After contacting Steve WA7PTM and Nathan N7NAN, I realized the magnitude of the request. Hence the escalation to a district event. I have divided the request into 4 operational functions; Learning, Testing, Training/Networking, and Operating. Supporting these Administration, Logistics, and PIO. I have learned there are not a lot of resources available in Kings County from which we can draw.

As was also stated earlier, I am looking at these functions to be filled. Alternate contact in ().

PIO: Fresno ARES (AE6SX)
TRAINING: Fresno/Tulare ARES

The 146.880- (103.5) should be reachable by all. I would like to hold a net on Sunday 5/22 at 1900 to open a forum discussion and exchange ideas. Roll will be called by ARES group. All are welcome to join. EC’s please forward this email as appropriate. I will try to join the 3 ARES nets this week to briefly introduce the event. When emailing please use the event Id number in the subject line for filtering purposes. Again, thank you for your support of Amateur Radio.


Hal Clover


EmComm Website

We are now posting events and meetings on the calendar as well as posting articles on the home page. Check us out at

Net Control Staff Needed

We are looking for volunteers to take a turn as net control on Monday nights. This is not a difficult task. We will provide the preamble and net roster. This is a great way to enhance your skills running a net for emergency situations. If you are interested, please contact Gary (KI6OYW) at 559-269-1340 or email

Our Calendar

Don’t forget the Monday Night EmComm Net at 19:30 hr. on the 147.15 MHz Pl 141.3. We have some good information and camaraderie. On the third Friday of the month there is the EmComm Coffee at YFC on Cedar south of Ashlan in Granite Park at 07:00hr. And last but not least the EmComm Meetings are held on the Fourth Thursday of month. The next meeting will be held August 25 at 1900 hr. at the Salvation Army Citadel at 1854 Fulton St., Fresno.


Best of 73’s


Fresno County RACES Officer

Fresno County ARES EC