ARES/RACES EC’s Publication Oct. 2015



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EC Report for October 2015

Hi All,

This month’s schedule was an active one: 4 Monday Night EmComm Nets, 1 EmComm and Coffee, 1 ARES/RACES meeting, and 1 Digital Workshop, and 2 public service events.

Radio Workshop

The last workshop we had 6 members show up. We are holding these workshops to help both members and nonmembers alike. If you are having problems or have questions about amateur radio operations, technical problems or just want to bounce some ideas off someone please come and participate.

Richard helped some of us upgrade our Fldigi & Flmsg software to one of the newest versions. We then we practiced using MT63 1KL mode on 2mt. using bummy loads to send messages across the room using Flmsg. We made up templates for use on the Bass Lake/Powerhouse Double held on Oct. 10 and they worked very well.

Our next workshop will take place Tuesday November 3 at The Salvation Army Citadel at 18:30.


EmComm Website Up And Running

Now that the website is on line we are eager for you to give us ideas on witch direction you would like to see Fresno EmComm go. We would like you to send us your ideas and what interests you have so our webmaster and editors can get them posted. Remember this is not the leadership’s website it is yours too. We need you input to make this organization work.

We are now posting events and meetings on the calendar as well as posting articles on the home page. Check us out at

Public Service Calendar 2015

Most of you know we help CARP doing Public Service events. We use them for training; they help keep us sharp handling traffic and working under a net condition. I am including the calendar of events as it is now. 

2015 Public Service Events: 


  • November 1 – Two Cities Marathon


  • December 18 – The Salvation Army Toy and Food Distribution

If interested in volunteering at any of the above events, contact either Rob Mavis
( or Dan Pruitt ( 


Army MARS CommEx

Army MARS will be conducting a Communications Exercise from November 07 to November 08. The Exercise simulates a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) and Geo-Magnetic Storm. Amateur Radio will be integrated into the scenario. Hams will be assigned to a Gate Way Station; it will take the Amateur traffic and convert it to the military format.

I was contacted by Glenn Arrant (N6JAI) he is active in Army MARS as well as Coast Guard Auxiliary Communications and asked if we would be interested in taking part in the exercise. Of course I accepted and he has sent me a copy of the scenario. We will be assigned a Gate Way Station as well as a frequency of which to operate. We will take part from 04:00 to 14:00 local time on November 8. We will need only a couple of operators for it will be a hf. Digital operation. This will be a learning experience for both sides. I will have more information for you as I receive it.


Net Control Staff Needed

We are looking for volunteers to take a turn as net control on Monday nights. This is not a difficult task. We will provide the preamble and net roster. This is a great way to enhance your skills running a net for emergency situations. If you are interested, please contact Gary (KI6OYW) at 559-269-1340 or email


Our Calendar

Don’t forget the Monday Night EmComm Net at 1930 hr. on the 147.15 MHz Pl 141.3. We have some good information and camaraderie. On the third Friday of the month there is the EmComm Coffee at YFC on Cedar south of Ashlan in Granite Park at 07:00hr. And last but not least the EmComm Meetings are held on the Fourth Thursday of month. There is an exception for November and December due to the holidays. Our next meeting will be December 10th at 19:00 hr. at the Salvation Army Citadel at 1854 Fulton St., Fresno.



Best of 73’s


Fresno County RACES Officer

Fresno County ARES EC