Fresno Emcomm Members please read this post.


An internal Fresno Emcomm Twitter account (@fcemcomm) has been established to quickly alert Fresno Emcomm Members regarding alert status, served agencies status, and other pertinent information regarding Fresno Emcomm operations.

This is NOT:

  • A public account
  • To be re-tweeted,
  • Liked or shared publicly with others

Tweets from this account will be from either:

  • Fresno County ARRL Emergency Coordinator
  • Fresno County ARRL Assistant Emergency Coordinators
  • Fresno County ARRL Public Information Officer

The source of the tweets will include the persons call sign as to identify the source of the tweet. It will NOT include their twitter account in the tweet, as it would be posted to their personal account thus available for public view.


(copy and past the account name and search on your Twitter account)

The button to “follow” will not be there, rather be replaced with a “request to follow button”. After you have been approved to follow this account. You will be able to receive tweets from this account.

Again, Do not post any pictures, videos, or links to @fcemcomm account. This account only for Fresno Emcomm internal use only.