2015 Field Day – ARES On The Air at the Salvation Army Citadel

Another successful year of Field Day operations at the Salvation Army Citadel in downtown Fresno, California.  Thanks go to the following individuals for their participation as operators:

  • Dan, AE6SX
  • Glen, N6HEW
  • Gary, KI6OYW
  • Steve, AG6JI
  • Bill, KK6ESJ
  • Chris, KJ6OUG
  • Tech Guru, Richard, KE6SHL, for getting the N1MM logging software running and “operator proof”!

Thanks to the Captain Debbie and Captain Dwaine (KG6SYA) for all the great help, food and encouragement!

The team made about 350 contacts, on 20 and 40 meters mostly, voice and digital (thanks Glen!).  We contacted the vast majority of the Eastern Seaboard, most of the Midwest, lots of the western states, along with Hawaii, Guam and Japan.  All in all, a great time for our die hard core of operators.